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+Lamp Counts - Savings Audits
LUXMANN offers its Authorised Distributors, Resellers and Agents, Technical and Sales training free of charge, so as to enable them to conduct Savings Audits and to accurately substitute existing products by the equivalent LUXMANN product.

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Also, through LUXMANN Services, we offer product specification analysis and training as well as assistance with site audits and reporting, thermal imaging reports, technical advice as well as with guidance through government rebate schemes such as the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) in NSW and VEET in Victoria.

In addition, LUXMANN supports its Authorised Distributors, Resellers, Consultants and Agents by licencing to them its Savings Audit tool/software.

This comprehensive software is licensed to nominated individual Consultants under the License Terms and Conditions of its use. We believe that this tool which calculates Energy and emissions as well as Finance / Rental figures (KWh, short/long term $$$, ROI, CO2 etc) will instantly put you in an advantageous position over your competitors and will greatly assist you to secure orders quickly and effectively.

+Thermal Imaging Reports
All the LUXMANN Distributors, Resellers and Agents are able to conduct detailed Thermal Imaging reports, using a calibrated FLIR E50 Spatial Thermographer (accurate to 1/100th of a Degree and 43,200 image pixels) which is able to confirm and ‘illustrate’ the reasons why, even in a small pub in the example below, the air conditioning unit was often struggling to maintain room temperature even at 10am when the pub is completely empty.

Typical 50 Watt Halogen lamps represent almost half of the lamps at Mr. B’s pub in Sydney and they are running right above the heads of both the patrons and bar staff.

They radiate a potent temperature range between 150 Deg C and 225 Deg C at their core, at 71.3 Deg C in the immediate area, 32.2 Deg C about a foot below and 25.9 Deg C at face level of person of average height.

In reading the image below, please note these accurate temperature readings corresponding to each target sampled.

Typical open wall fittings are running at 77.9 Deg C causing staff inside the main Bar Area to work at 28.2 Deg C. Other seemingly innocuous faux candle lights are quite potent, running in excess of 150 Deg C.

+Zero-Capital Financial programs
From March 2011 onwards, our Agents, Resellers and Stockist Distributors are offering a fully Financed (zero capital investment) option for re-lamping to Individuals, Corporations and Government for projects up to $15,000,000 without any of these customers having to pay anything up front, nor having to offer any supplementary security.

LUXMANN’s biggest achievement in this was to go through the approval process and pre-qualify all the LUXMANN products and services by FLEXIGROUP, so they now accept the LUXMANN products as the ‘Security’ asset. Up to this point, Finance Companies and Banks considered LED lamps to be ‘consumables’ and therefore refused to accept them as Security.

This now wide-ranging, off balance-sheet Rental/Finance (OPEX) facility gives you the option of either 4 or 5 years and a set monthly rental amount which represents a minor share/portion of your overall energy savings. Typically, this portion is around 20-45%, depending on the rental term and on your particular hours of operation. The-higher-the hours of operation, the-higher-the savings, the-lower-the share percentage. For example, in 24/7 operations, the share percentage is around 20-25% and in 14h/day operations, the share percentage is around 35-45% and so on.

You get all your LUXMANN lamps supplied and installed for no capital outlay. You are therefore cash flow positive from day one and you receive the ‘lion’s’ share of the Energy Savings (between 55-80%).

Needless to say, that after the end of say a 60-month rental term, you can upgrade your lamps or for an extra 3 monthly payments you can own them outright and revert to benefiting from the full 100% energy savings for the remaining 6-10 years life of the lamps.
The agreed valued-security vested in the LUXMANN lamps also provides for a ‘soft’ charges uplift of up to 30% allowing for Installation, Consulting or extended warranty charges, as well as accessories or replacement fittings etc to be included in the same rental agreement.

Application approvals are automated and take from 10 minutes to 48 hours. Councils, Universities and State Government are pre-approved and enjoy better rates than corporations.

To make this deal even more attractive, LUXMANN has also secured from FLEXIGROUP:

– No application fees
– No Deposit required
– No additional security required
– Tax deductible
– Transfer Landlords to Tenants
– Extended Warranty options
– Rental can cover up to 30% extras

+Project & Trial Management
Our LUXMANN Services and Installation teams, apart from offering a safe and efficient service, will also examine your existing installation, report any deficiencies and make valid recommendations to improve your installation.

As an example, due to inherent incompatibilities with some low-end electronic transformers, in many instances, our installation teams will suggest not to just replace the existing MR16 lamps. Instead, they will recommend using GU10 lamps and a GU10 lampholder kit, which are more efficient and will save you the additional 7.2Watts-11Watts consumed by the existing transformers and also help you eliminate a potential fire hazard.

In tube installations, there are no physical alterations required to your fittings. Our team of electricians will simply ‘bypass’ the Ballast and remove the Starter for each ‘non-emergency’ tube to be replaced with an LED tube. Due to the unique internal fusing of our tubes, there are no compliance issues resulting from this action. In addition, they will also quote for the replacement of the ‘Emergency’ tubes (including Battery and Inverter kits)

In addition to installation during business hours, they will also offer additional services such as:

– Working outside 9-5, M-F
– Repairs to existing fittings
– Organise equipment hire
– Monitoring and measurements
– Disposal of old fittings

Please refer to LUXMANN for typical installation costs.

+ESS Scheme claims assistance
LUXMANN has had most of its popular products approved by NSW IPART (Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribuneral) and by the Victorian Energy Saving Commission (ESC) so its clients can benefit greately from both the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme both of which commenced in 2009.

More importantly, as it is a prerequisite for these approvals, LUXMANN had to be awarded with the necessary Certificates of Suitability for Safety and EMC as required by these Australian regulators.

These schemes are designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and encourage investment, employment and innovation in industries that supply energy efficiency goods and services. These schemes help NSW and Victorian families and businesses save money on their power bills by increasing the opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

Reducing electricity use will also help shield customers from rising electricity prices and from future electricity price increases caused in part by the introduction of the national carbon pricing mechanism on 1 July 2012. The ESS establishes legislated annual energy savings targets that must be met through the creation and surrender of Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs). Conversely, in Victoria these certificates are called Victorian energy efficiency certificates (VEECs)

Under these schemes, accredited businesses can offer discounts and special offers on selected energy saving products and appliances installed at homes, businesses or other non-residential premises. The bigger the greenhouse gas reduction, the bigger the potential saving.

LUXMANN’s Scheme-Partners who become Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs or APs) create ESCs or VEECs by carrying out Recognised Energy Savings Activities as defined in the Energy Savings Scheme Rule of 2009. These activities include the replacement and installation of the LUXMANN high efficiency LED lighting and other energy saving devices, the NABERS rating of buildings, changes in industrial processes and changes in electricity consumption measured against an established baseline among other things.

Electricity retailers and certain other parties such as electricity generators who supply direct to a customer and market customers who buy or sell electricity in NSW and Victoria, are required to obtain and surrender ESCs, and are known as Scheme Participants. Scheme Participants are required to meet individual energy savings targets based on the size of their share of the electricity market. If Scheme Participants fail to meet their targets, then a penalty is assigned.

Some large electricity users, known as Trade-Exposed Emissions Intensive industries, are partially exempt from the Scheme. Each year the Minister for Resources and Energy publishes a list of companies who are exempt based on their specific industry activity.

Ongoing scheme related compliance of Accredited Certificate Providers and Scheme Participants is managed by IPART in NSW and by the ESC in Victoria in their dual roles as the Scheme Administrators and Scheme Regulators.

+Expert Installation
For the sake of safety and efficiency on your installations and overall Project management, LUXMANN insists that customers use one of several fully-licensed, fully qualified and specially trained Electrical Contractors who have been working closely with LUXMANN on many other installations of our LED products.


They are professional and many of them have been involved in our projects for over 4 years. They are extremely familiar with the inner workings of both the LUXMANN products as well as the applicable regulatory requirements by Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC).


Apart from offering a safe and efficient service, these teams will also examine your existing installation, report any deficiencies and make valid recommendations to improve your installation.

+Technical Training and Support
LUXMANN offers its Authorised Distributors, Resellers and Agents, Technical and Sales training free of charge, so as to enable them to conduct Savings Audits and to accurately substitute existing products by the equivalent LUXMANN product.

Also, through the LUXMANN Services Group, we offer product specification analysis and training as well as assistance with site audits and reporting, thermal imaging reports, technical advice as well as with guidance through government rebate schemes such as the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) in NSW and VEET in Victoria.


We are specifically focused on supporting the Electrical Wholesalers with which Trade and Construction groups ALREADY have existing relationships. These National Wholesalers already have systems in place to deal with inquiries, accounts etc, manage the front line relationships and take front line support queries. LUXMANN conducts technology quarterly induction seminars to enhance the Wholesaler’s technical knowledge. Moreover, LUXMANN fosters Nationwide arrangements and conducts FREE Technology Seminars ‘Trade-nights’ as required.


Apart from Technical Training, the following ‘business’and Customer Service aspects are also covered:

• Sales kits (powerpoints, brochures)
• Training Materials
• Marketing materials for Resellers
• Engineering support materials
• Pre-packaged product pricing
• Budgeting and Sales tracking
• New website navigation
• 1-300 inbound phone number system
• Product and customer issues
• Returns and turn-around policy
• Response time, service agreements
• Freight and distribution

In addition, LUXMANN will support its Authorised Distributors, Resellers, Consultants and Agents by licencing to them its Savings Audit tool/software (see Savings Audits above).

+Warranty & PLUS Protection
LUXMANN manufactures products in 3 Tiers of Quality, all under CE regulations, in compliance with the relevant Safety/LVD and EMC standards as required by Australian Standards and in Tier1 (50,000h), Tier2 (25,000h) and Tier3 (15,000h). The Standard RTB (Return-To-Base) Warranty offered with these products is Full 5 or 3-Years, Full 2-Years and Full 1-Year respectively [Full means 24/7 use, without any hours per day qualification]. All products are under C-tick/RCM Supplier code N29587.

Extended PLUS Full 5-Year Warranty is Standard on all CORNEA TM products and optionally available on all other Tier1 products together with conversion options to FOS (Full-On-Site) Periodic Warranty on request.

The following Standard RTB Warranty Conditions apply to the LUXMANN Tier 1 products:

Tier1 Products returned to LUXMANN together with proof of purchase within 3-years (or 5-years for CORNEA TM) and found indeed to be defective, will be replaced and returned to the sender FREE of charge. LUXMANN will not be responsible for physical or consequential damage caused-to or by its products due to wrongful use or application by unauthorised personnel and/or by not being in accordance with installation instructions and legislated methodology in each State.

Electricity supply must always be switched off before insertion/removal of any light or bulb from its fixture. Prior to using any products, installers must check that they have matched the fixture caps to the appropriate product. Excessive force should not be used whilst inserting a bulb.

Products are to be used for the intended and stated weatherproof rated application (IPxx rating). Ignorance of IP ratings or failure to observe these ratings will void this limited Warranty.


Most products also carry a date of manufacture which enables Stockist-Distributors, Franchisees/Resellers and/or End-users to enforce their Warranty directly with LUXMANN.

As an example of the Tier differentiation, in one of the typical products the L4L GU10 Series, the 3 different Tiers are marked and code-identified as follows, both on the product itself and in all the company published information [D(G)U10 Series datasheet attached]:

L4L GU10 09W60 Tier 1 Product, [CREE® LED] 50,000h life

L4L GE10 09W60 Tier 2 Product, [BRIDGELUX LED] (‘E’ for Economy) 25,000h life

L4L G310 09W60 Tier 3 Product, [Epistar LED] (‘3’ for Tier 3) 15,000h life

ALL the LUXMANN products Certified by NSW Fair Trading, ACMA C-tick/RCM and already approved or progressively being approved by IPART and ESC are only Tier1 Products with 50,000h life.

+Recycling Services

Recycling and End-of-Life Stewardship

The LUXMANN product offers many benefits in sustainability terms. LUXMANN products contain no hazardous materials or compounds.

As compared to the Mercury-laden T5 fluoro and CFL products, LUXMANN products require no special disposal or operating safety procedures.


They produce no UV or flicker, very minimal heat and they use significantly less energy over a much longer lifetime than conventional fluoro lamps.


In addition to all this LUXMANN offers customers an end-of-life product stewardship option whereby LUXMANN will buy back the lamps and luminaires at the scrap Aluminium price, currently $6 per kilogram. LUXMANN will then recycle the product reducing RCC waste stream and waste costs

Services overview

Technical ExpertiseNothing ‘just happens’ in the Sustainable Energy Management field and in particular the lighting efficient solutions space.

A great deal of collaborative effort has to go into the design an implementation of any highly-efficient lighting plan and a variety of related services, guidance and advice is needed for the ‘correct’ Product selection, installation and whole-of-life support.

Apart from providing the most comprehensive range of products with a Full 24/7, 3 or 5-Year Replacement Warranty, LED4Life offers a host of services through its LUXMANN Services consulting Group or its specialist Distributors, Resellers and Installers.

Such Services include but are not limited to:

• Conducting lamp counts
• Determining and suggesting equivalent lamp/light replacements
• RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan) using DIAlux software, IES files etc
• Providing Thermal Imaging reports
• Preparing ‘Savings Audit’ using accurate software modelling
• Partnering with ACPs to provide client savings under the ESS schemes
• Preparing detailed quotations and ROI estimates
• Carrying-out and logging ‘Power Measurements’ in trials
• Organising Rental/Finance
• Delivery and Expert Installation
• Navigating through product compatibility issues
• Assisting with diagnoses and warranty claims
• Technical training
• Product Sales and Application training to Resellers
• Specialist lighting-related advice
• Periodical Maintenance Programs

Protect your Investment

We recognise that your existing lighting infrastructure came at a significant cost; that’s why we work hard to preserve your existing investments. We retrofit end-to-end lighting solutions compatible and open, enabling us to integrate with most major lighting equipment and fittings whether as part of existing infrastructure or across entirely new installations.

So it’s never too late to upgrade by applying our technology and products to your existing systems whilst Government and Energy Savings Scheme subsidies are still in force.

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Partner Programs

We are actively seeking and training strategic partners in the Electrical Wholesale, Power Utility, Building Management & Trade Sectors including Property Groups, Engineers and Authorities who are market ‘Leaders’ by:

Seeking to save costs by using more innovative and energy efficient solutions, and be identified within the field of ‘Green Technologies’;

Understanding that the soon to be needed Energy to accommodate for Hybrid/Electric cars can ONLY and easily come from a dramatic reduction in lighting power;

Wanting to consolidate their technical offerings with better priced and easier to integrate products than USA and European competitors.

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