About us in a nutshell


We are a 100% Australian owned and operated Technology Group of Companies based in Sydney, Australia, with Distribution subsidiaries and Manufacturing Centres throughout the world.

As a manufacturer, we are committed to Sustained Energy management and with our focus solely on LED Technology and Products, we have created arguably the largest and most comprehensive range of LED Products on the market. We manufacture under several Brands as well as OEM, Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 World Products* under CE and UL regulations which comply with the relevant Safety/LVD and EMC standards as required and with the Warranty period being Full 24/7 over 3-years or 5-Years.

Universal Product.
The same product works anywhere in the world C-Tick Compliance N29587 CE Certified UL Listed
* Universal Product.
The same product works anywhere in the world
Energy Star Compliant


Our Energy Conscious Clients


Vital Info

Best of 3 worlds
To achieve an aggregate production capability of 215,000 bulbs per month, in our manufacturing process we combine the best of 3 worlds. The products are designed and engineered in Australia by a team with the highest experience level of over 40 years. The core LED chips (83% at cost value) are Tier1 components made in the USA. Final assembly and test is done in 11 ISO9000 Certified factories across AsiaPac who are quality assured to assemble products for other major European manufacturers.
We are a manufacturer, not a vendor
Not only do we manufacture under the LUXMANN TM and LED4Life TM Brands, but also for other world-leading Brands under OEM agreements. This means that, as our customer, you have an unprecedented level of technical support and access, direct purchasing power and preferential pricing with significant discounts on quantities.
Precision Engineered
Our products have independent NATA Laboratory Photometrics and Test reports. They are precision engineered using Fit-For-Purpose LENS-Controlled light beams from 12 to 360 degrees and heat-exchanger aluminium shells to keep junction Temperature at 48° C and reach the true life span of 50,000h.


Senior team

  • Nick Sikiotis
    Founder, CEO LUXMANN Group. Principal concept designer, R&D Lead, product range Architect...
  • Fahima Sikiotis
    COO LUXMANN Assumed the Operational and co-ordinating responsibilities of the LUXMANN Group...
  • Patrick Bernau
    Manager – Corporate & Government Projects. An accomplished Strategist and Sales/Marketing Leader...
  • Eleana Sikiotis
    Design Consultant to LED4Life. Creative Director of Caramel Aeon Pty. Ltd. the...
  • Con Geronikolopoulos
    Technical Manager – LUXMANN Services. Con (Kosta) is technically responsible for the...


Our Philosophy


We have entered the age where there is only room for those who are able to overcome their decisions of yesterday and yesterday’s technology. Good, isn’t good enough.

Our goal is not only to provide better customer service but to bring highly efficient energy saving and environmentally safe technology to its right place at the core of the community, as the engine of the economy and health.

Flash forward to 2017 and what seems to be a perpetually tough economic situation. Developed economies are struggling under mountains of debt and finding it difficult to ignite growth. Even emerging economies, thought to be the engines of recovery, are slowing. Entrepreneurs wanting to raise money and Governments inventing more taxing systems to tax people, instead of finding quick and effective methods and technology to cut waste.

When new technology is ignored, inefficiency has a negative impact on business growth and development. Nothing less than a fundamental change in thinking is required to tackle inefficiencies. A Paradigm shift.

We are seen as the supreme innovator, single-handedly creating or re-inventing entire LED product series with imaginative, stylish products. We also pick-up products and refine them with extraordinary efficiency and package them to enhance our wide product range that covers both low- and high-end users. LUXMANN is where hardware, software and services all come together and bring out the magic.

By contrast, our European ‘behemoth’ competitors, pick up ideas and follow 18 months later with ‘shotgun’ strategies and marketing muscle alone, gathering vast resources behind a full-frontal assault on the market.

We lead one of the most prolific periods of innovation and new products in the history of lighting. The amazing products that we’ve introduced, could only have been created at LUXMANN and are the direct result of our relentless focus on tightly integrating world-class lamps, fittings and services.

You cannot use solutions of the past to solve the problems of the future

Nick Sikiotis, Founder, CEO, LUXMANN Group

Energy, an easy problem to solve: Technology Transition.”

Dr. Ashok Khosla, President IUCN
one of the world’s leading experts on the environment