Energy Savings Audits

LUXMANN offers its Authorised Distributors, Resellers and Agents, Technical and Sales training free of charge, so as to enable them to conduct Savings Audits and to accurately substitute existing products by the equivalent LUXMANN product.

Also, through the LUXMANN Services Group, we offer product specification analysis and training as well as assistance with site audits and reporting, thermal imaging reports, technical advice as well as with guidance through government rebate schemes such as the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) in NSW and VEET in Victoria.

In addition, LUXMANN supports its Authorised Distributors, Resellers, Consultants and Agents by licencing to them its Savings Audit tool/software.

LUXMANN has designed and produced a very powerful, advanced algorithm based, Savings Audit tool, which, to the best of our knowledge, is not found elsewhere in the world with such a level of accuracy.

This comprehensive software will be licensed to your nominated individual Consultants under the License Terms and Conditions of its use. We believe that this tool which calculates Energy and emissions as well as Finance/Rental figures (KWh, short/long term $$$, ROI, CO2 etc) will instantly put your Consultants in an advantageous position over your competitors and will greatly assist them in securing orders quickly and effectively.

This tool is relying on the accuracy of information provided by the Consultant and/or the End-user and therefore LUXMANN bears no responsibility for the results produced by this Savings Audit tool. Therefore, particular attention should be given as to the:

– Accuracy of lamp-count and lamp-types
– The Wattage of the lamps to replaced
– Accuracy of Electricity tariffs given
– Hours of operation of each area (showroom, carpark etc)
– Use of Air-conditioning in some areas

In addition, LUXMANN will assist you with expensive instruments for the production of ‘before and after’ Thermal Images to enhance your presentations where required.