Colours of love fill Darwin on Valentine’s Day

The Darwin Convention Centre turned RED on St Valentine's Day unveiling the Centre's new permanent LED lighting system with programmable themes for all events. The outside of the building displayed the colours of love adding to the romance at Darwin Waterfront for the 14 February evening.

  Darwin convention Centre choses LUXMANN for Quality

“The Darwin Convention Centre is a world-class venue and we believe it is important to provide the latest technology to our clients. The new LUXMANN lighting system provides DCC with the opportunity to extend the experience to the outside of the venue and to enhance the Waterfront Precinct, showing support for cause-related events and activities" said Janet Hamilton, General Manager of the DCC.

"The DCC can now offer clients the ability to light up the Centre to match their event theme or brand colours, adding to the overall venue experience. We are able to offer a world class venue in a tropical resort-like setting, where conference and event organisers know that we have the latest technology to bring their event vision to life”.

Using 16 million colours, the colours of every country's flag around the world or corporate brand can cover the DCC, adding to the experience when patrons visit or view it from afar.

Minister for Tourism and Culture Lauren Moss said the Northern Territory Government is proud of its ongoing investment in Darwin's world-class convention centre. "The Labor Government commends the role the Darwin Waterfront Corporation plays in making Darwin a vibrant city. Technology such as this, in a location as attractive as the Darwin Waterfront, ensures the DCC continues to perform well in the highly-competitive conference market whilst allowing locals and visitors to enjoy the building as a spectacular backdrop at night."

The totally-wireless, fully automated lighting system has been designed, manufactured and installed by Australian owned lighting experts, LUXMANN, using all-new Tier1 50,000h, RGB CORNEA® directional 'contact-lens' Technology. CORNEA® is able to produce 16 million, DMX-instantly-variable colours, to dynamically enrich and enhance any venue's mood and appearance.

Moreover, the new CORNEA® technology dramatically reduces the Centre's Energy usage by 77% as compared to the old lighting system and is made to withstand the harsh tropical environment and demanding waterfront exposure of the DCC.

“We are very excited and honoured to be working with the DCC” said Nick Sikiotis, CEO of LUXMANN.

Patron engagement applications are at the forefront of LED technology now, highlighting building features to draw and energize patronage. Using creative themes, programmable to events and special activities are becoming expected at major international venues across the USA and Europe”, added Mr Sikiotis, emphasizing that this, now affordable CORNEA® Technology, is at one's fingertips.

CORNEA® 29Watt – 570W Flood and Street lighting, AEMO Listed


CORNEA®. A real Breakthrough in LED Technology. Ample and well directed light is the agent that you need most in your life.
Walking through the suburban streets at night, you can’t help wondering why somebody hadn’t yet invented street lights which can use a variety of interchangeable lenses to concentrate or spread a wide beam to cover the dark spots between poles. Inspired by nature’s design of the eye of the tree-frog and the mathematical 'tricks' from the Pantheon of Ancient Rome, we have been able to shape 'field-interchangeable' contact lenses to achieve even illumination of space from a single source without reflectors.



Our Mission. Who we are.

We are the most committed, skilled, knowledgeable and reliable manufacturer in today’s competitive and very demanding power-LED marketplace.

As a pioneer, we maintain an 18-month lead on our competitors by constantly evaluating where the market needs to be and how best to get it there.

We are a professional integrated LED Lighting Systems company leading the way for the rest of the LED industry. Demonstrated by this comprehensive range of ‘State-of-the-Art’ products, we have set new standards for quality and efficiency to protect the environment, future-proof your investment and save you money.

We have Plug&Play, 'Instant-ON' solutions for all indoor, outdoor and landscape lighting applications. Do not compromise. Choose the most suitable products to retrofit entire buildings, façades and warehouses and eliminate waste in your running and maintenance costs.






CORNEA® sets the right mood for Danny Green – Hisense Arena

Hisense Arena came alive on 19/8/2015 when Danny Green took on Argentina's Roberto Bolonti on his long awaited return to title boxing and emerged victorious after 10 rounds from his first fight in nearly 3 years. Outside, both Danny and the crowd were set in the appropriate 'Green' mood, inspired and dazzled by LUXMANN's all-new RGB CORNEA® Technology. CORNEA® is able to produce 16 million, DMX-instantly-variable colours, to dynamically enrich and enhance any venue's mood and appearance.


Hisense Arena choses LUXMANN for Quality  Hisense Arena choses LUXMANN for Quality

Recently, Hisense Arena has gone through a 'fan-engagement' transformation using all LUXMANN Tier1, CORNEA® Technology and CrystalFlex® fittings with attention to quality and spatial details, designed by Melbourne's Mc Cabe Architects and LUXMANN.


Hisense Arena choses LUXMANN for Quality  Hisense Arena choses LUXMANN for Quality

Hisense Arena choses LUXMANN for Quality  Hisense Arena choses LUXMANN for Quality

Iconic Broadway chose LUXMANN

Broadway is an Iconic Shopping Centre, an instantly recognizable Australian Institution. Opened in 1923 as the beginning of former Grace Bros, was restored and reopened in 1998 and is managed by MIRVAC one of Australia's leading property groups since 2006. Currently it is going through an all-LED transformation using LUXMANN Tier1 fittings with great attention to detail and quality so as to preserve its heritage, beauty and charm.

  Iconic Broadway Shopping Centre choses LUXMANN

Merc vintage Workshops use TS12

Mercedes Workshop

Alessias, Marina Mirage & QVB

alessias, Marina Mirage & QVB

31 critical facts Trump is ignoring

Date   June 1, 2017  

by John D. Sutter  

Donald Trump's decision to abandon the Paris Agreement is apocalyptic. That's not overstatement when the very health and survival of the planet is at stake. This could be the US President's most lasting and damaging policy decision.

High power bill trap for the unwary

Date   September 22, 2012   

by Brian Robins   

Confusion reigns as a wave of competitors [power utilities] clamour to lock in households and businesses on electricity deals. Yet are consumers better off?

Local Councils in NSW worried about street lighting price hike

Date   August 27, 2014  

by Alexandra Beech  

Local Government in the NSW south east has joined a chorus of councils raising objections to proposed price hikes for street lighting. Essential Energy's proposed big rises for street lighting from 2015 to 2019 have been widely criticised in submissions to the Australian Energy Regulator.

LED Inventors win Nobel Prize

Date   October 7, 2014  

by Jonathan Webb  

The 2014 Nobel Prize for physics has been awarded to a trio of scientists in Japan and the US for the invention of blue LEDs. Professors Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura made the first blue LEDs in the early '90s.

UN official: climate report to shock

Date   November 7, 2012  

by Peter Hannam  

The next United Nations climate report will ''scare the wits out of everyone'' and should provide the impetus needed for the world to finally sign an agreement to tackle global warming, says Yvo de Boer, the former UN climate chief.

July ’15, Earth’s Hottest on record

Date   August 21, 2015  

by Matt McGrath  

July was the hottest month on Earth since records began, averaging 16.6 C (61.9 F), according to US scientists. That is 0.08 degrees higher than the previous record of July 1998 - a significant margin in records, Scientists at the US (NOAA) said in a report and expect 2015 to be the hottest year on record.

Enter the world of RGB magic.












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